Hooman Jenabian

Founder, Designer

Alireza Hooshangi

Creative Director

Casper Leerink

Lead Developer

Erfan Hüseyni

Motion Designer

Julieta Parpinelli

Full-Stack Developer


Public Relations



We take our time to study our client's goals, target audience and competitive landscape. It's important for us to understand the client's business, what makes them special, and what we're trying to achieve with the project.


Once we have a clear understanding of the project, our team begins to generate a wide range of ideas and concepts. We want to present our clients with a diverse range of creative solutions that can be further developed.


Next, we bring the concepts and ideas to life by creating the final designs, prototypes, and content for the project. Our goal during this stage is to produce the final deliverables that meet the client's needs and objectives.


In the final stage, we deliver the project, presenting the final work and content to the client for approval. We also provide comprehensive training and support to ensure that the client is able to effectively use the final deliverables.